a macro to save automatically

Is there a macro to save automatically ?
By that I mean: striking Ctrl+S in my stead.
Often I am so concentrated that in one entire day I forget to save. I lost several times my work.
I can’t believe there is no way with macros to do that.

i saw there is a setting to turn AutoSave on/off here:
menu Tools:Options:LibreOffice:Advanced:Expert Configuration
then doubleclick on org.openoffice.Office.Common:Save:Document:AutoSave
there you can doubleclick on the value to set it on/off
there below you can also specify the autosave time interval in minutes.

you can also turn AutoSave on for AutoRecovery:
menu Tools:Options:Load/Save:General:Save:Save AutoRecovery information every 10 minutes

Very interesting, I voted your answer.

Here is another option:

Start here with answer by @mark_t - Automatic Timestamped Backups

Then on this post at end of my answer - Location/Limiting Timestamped Backups