After loading Libre Office I have no text on menus pages or anywhere?

I have reloaded and still nothing using 5.1.2 on windows 10.

Hello, I hope someone will read this! I have the same problem, but I can offer more information:
as I was upgrading my computer to Windows 7, I noticed this problem occurred after I (finally) found the correct driver for my laptop (ASUS K50C) graphic’s card (sis).
The problem also occurs in Libreoffice safe mode, and it occurs even if I try the “user-old” renaming method.

It does not occur if I open Libreoffice after I restart my computer in Safe Mode.
So, I am guessing it has to do wit my graphics card, but for the life of me I don’t know what to do about it.
Needless to say, Libreoffice is unusable: I don’t see my text (it’s there, I can see the red squibbles form the spellcheck and the number of pages is the same) and I don’t see any text on any Menus, either.

Can anyone help??
Thanks in advance, Valentina

There were issues concerning the option
‘Tools’>‘Options’>‘LibreOffice’>‘View’>‘Use OpenGL for all rendering’
If enabled missing or badly rendered menu entries occurre. It may have been a problem with the blacklist graohics drivers.

Try to disable the mentioned option. (And report here, please.)

(Edit. Addendum)

You may make unaccessible your user profile following the advice here. If you call a working version of LibO subsequently it will create a new user profile set to defaults with every respect. With V5.2 or higher the OpenGL option should default to ‘disabled’.

Edit: I can see them in Safe Mode though! I’ll try it, thank you

Unfortunately, having NO text in the resident Libreoffice menus either, means that I can’t access the menus and options because I don’t know what they are :frowning:
The problem does not occur in Openoffice, if that’s any help at all.

Quoting @Valentina1: “I have reloaded and still nothing using 5.1.2 on windows 10.”
I didn’t clearly understand this.
However: To install an older version again, you will have to uninstall the previously installed younger version in advance.
OOo (AOO) does not use OpenGL at all as far as I know.

Please also note the addendum to my above answer.

I know this is old, but the problem seems to have occurred for me anew with 7.0.0 (x64) and (x64) [Windows 7, AMD Radeon HD 8750]

I rebooted into safe mode:
Windows Key + R → msconfig → /boot\ → [x] Safe boot → restart

The text rendered.

I can’t seem to post an image, so, if you want to try it without rebooting into safe mode:
Alt+F12 top open Options [or Tools (3rd from the right), then Options (at the bottom)]
View (When the top item on the left is expanded, it’s 3rd option under it)

In the top right section, UN-check the 3rd checkbox down (Use Skia for all rendering)

Undo the msconfig option to boot into safe mode if you did, then restart.

The text renders correctly for me.