Again and again: Last Cursor position NOT saved in Writer

I have just updated LO to Version V4.4.0.3. The bug with the Last Cursor position is still there.

History: Since update to LO Version V4.3.x I recognized the last Cursor position of any documents
you save with the Writer App is NOT saved. Until V4.2.x all works fine and if you saved a document
with cursor position lets say on line 5 on page 8, then the cursur stands exactly there after opening
this document again.
If I do it now with the actual version the cursor always stands in the position on line 1 on page 1.

I don’t understand why this bug is still there. On 08/20/2014 I first documented this bug in this community!

The cursor position is saved for each user editing the document - if you don’t have any user data identifying you, it cannot be saved against your name.

Insert your Name in Tools > Options > OO > User Data.

confirming this works as expected following the instructions from JohnHa

LO Version: It’s not working unfortunately

@linuxyz could you retry using LO 6.1.x? Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

It is possible and working fine in LO Writer 6.1. Detailed guide is present below:

Yes, it works if, when you open a document, LO knows that you are the same user than the last one who edited this file. So you must set your name in the user data in your LO profile.

This method only preserves the appearance of the page where the cursor was placed upon save. When I reopen the document, and press any navigation key (left arrow, right arrow, page down, etc.) the view flips to some random spot way earlier in the document. Most frustrating.

And now, the create date is today, instead of last year. Ridiculous.

I am using a brand new install of LO in a brand new computer (Win 10 Pro).

Prior to updating to 7x, whenever I opened a document, regardless of when it was created, I was dropped to precisely the position I was when I last saved the document. Even crash recoveries (a highly useful feature, by the way–if only all software could do this!) put me right back where I was at the time of the crash.

But no longer. Why?
I consider this situation a bug. It should be fixed.

This was a regression after version 4.2.8 and was fixed around v 4.4.2. Update if possible to 4.4.7.

I had suggested a bit of a work around in this post:

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And agree with JohnHa that some user data is required. OO will be LibreOffice in LO.