Apply a certain header for just a range of pages

My problem is this:
I want to create the header CHAPTER 1 and also the header CHAPTER 2
Want I want to do is applying the header CHAPTER 1 for a certain range of pages, let’s say from page 1 to page 23.
And then, I want to apply the header CHAPTER 2 for the pages 24 to 35… for example.
Okay, I don’t know very well how to do this? because if I create a custom header CHAPTER 1 and I apply it, it is working fine… but when I want to apply other header for the next pages, what happens to me is that the header from all the previous pages, change.
So if I have applied the header CHAPTER 1 from the page 1 to the 23…
When I am in the page 24 and I want to apply the header CHAPTER 2… what happen (when I apply this new header custom style CHAPTER 2) is all the previous pages change… so now from the page 1 to the 23, I have the header CHAPTER 2… well I don’t want this.
I want a range of pages have a certain header, and also other range of pages have another different header, without changing the selected custom headers I have for other pages.
How may I do this?

You can use either page styles (with manual page breaks) or fields depending on the type of content you want to include in your header (which you do not indicate). I give a step-by-step guide on creating a document with different footers here using page styles. The same process applies to headers.

Hello, fine, problem solved.
However, I am having now a different problem with the headers and footers, to clarify the thread and because is a different problem to the one exposed here, I am opening a new thread.
Again, thanks for your help.

See: Advanced use of headers / footers in Writer (right page, left page)