Apply layout to slide master

Hello all,
I’m trying to create a template which has 4 slide master:

  1. a title master
  2. a summary master
  3. a two-columns image and text master
  4. a standard text master

To design the template, I tried to add 4 slide masters each with a custom layout.
The problem is that it seems i can’t apply the default layout to the slide masters. The only which is accepted is the one with a title header and a text area with bullets list.

Can you help me to define a template containing a full set of masters for every kind of slide i’m going to present?
Thank you in advance

Hi Anon – Have you found an answer to your question? Still interested in finding an answer?

@ Anonymous - a still existing feature is the fact that no layout can be applied to the master slides.
The available default layout is “Title, Content”.

I tweaked this default slide to create a title master and a slide master.
For the rest I am using the functionality to add a layout to each slide. For example two columns (text, images, charts etc) This is actually working very fine.

Looking at your requirements I personally would do it like this:

a title master - tweak the default layout to create a title. I could do it and it works fine for me.

a standard text master - here you can use the default layout and can add and format whatever you need; this also works for me and my master format looks quite different from the default.

a two-columns image and text master - here consider to use the standard text master and the choose whenever needed the two colum layout; just keep the layout window open

a summary master - if I could not work with the “standard text master” I try to tweak this one as a summary master.

Keep in mind that a master is more related to background then to layout.

I thought that there is already an enhancement request fot the feature that master slides can take lay outs but I could not find it.

Please put an enhancement request forward.

link to file an enhancement bug

Enhancement request is filed. Please feel free and encouraged to add comments.

Bug 62332 - FORMATTING: enhancement: enable selection of various slide layouts in a master slide

Status: NEW

@manj_k - Great news. Step 1 is taken. Now we only need a dev to volunteer for doing the code writing. Let’s keep finders crossed.