Auto-closing solved questions

The new AskLibO system is configured to automatically close solved questions 30 days after the last post. Shout out if you object to that behavior!

We’ll see in a month whether that works or not. Judging by a quick search imported questions from AskBot are not covered yet. Probably the migration bumped the internal acceptance date.

Unlike with AskBot “regular” users can’t close their own question. Closing topics is privileged operation for Trust Level 4 users, and AFAIK it’s currently not possible to grant that right to other TLs.

On the old Ask site, closing questions was generally a bad thing, giving absolutely zero value (unlike voting and solving). Closed questions can’t get more answers, so can’t grow their value over time (serving not only the OP, but also people coming for answers later, and finding better answers that were available initially). No idea if this will be different here; I would guess that it would be unnecessary here, too.

Offtopic: is it possible to make comments sorted by date (unlike answers, that should be sorted by relevance)?

Seems worthy material for a dedicated topic, please file another thread :slight_smile:

I also would like to see questions remain open. Have seen many situations in the past where enhancements, fixes and other situations are introduced and attached to an older post. This could then be the answer for others.

Duplicate questions must be taken into account.

Alright then, reverted the change. I note that some of your fellow high-karma users used to manually close old AskBot questions with ”Reason: Answered”, but I suppose that doesn’t need to be done automatically. (FWIW there is also an API which can be handy for such tedious bookkeeping.)


I think that was due to possibly not having anything better to do. Asked kindly not to close the posts but was thwarted each time. I had a habit of re-opening those when I found them. Person doing this closing also stated at one point it didn’t matter if someone were to re-open. So then why close in first place?