Auto size column width on protected worksheet

I’ve set up a Calc template with several password protected sheets. Is there a way to (preferably automatically) shrink/grow the column width dependent on the cell contents without turning off the password protection and resizing the columns after the data is entered?

Hi @Anonymous2 – Have you found an answer for your question? Still looking for an answer?


You can create a macro to resize the columns then assign the macro to a certain event like opening or closing a document. Macros are an experimental feature currently and it has to be enabled from Tools > Options. You will also need a Java runtime installed. Once the macro is created, go to Tools > Customize, click the Events tab and choose the event to associate it with. One of the options is to run the macro after the modified status is changed. If you choose that event, it will run it every time a cell is changed. Let us know if this works for you.