Autosave - any intention to add this inexplicably unsupported feature

Every other word processor I have ever used (since 1987!) has included an autosave which saves the active document in place – and without clearing the undo stack.

Is there any intention to provide this feature in libreoffice writer?

I’ve read a number of threads on this so am familiar with the ‘reasons’ this can’t or shouldn’t done, but I don’t believe or accept any of them.

Despite my tone (frustrated) I am grateful for all the work on libreoffice and I enjoy using it and will probably continue to do so, but …

@carnish If you want a working set of macros, please see → Timed Auto Backup in answer by @mark_t. This was further enhaced in this post → Suggeston for Location of Backup Files in my answer.

With these macros, when changes to you document are detected, a timestamped backup is made at a regular interval of your choice and to the directory of your choice. Number of backups retained can also be set. This does not affect the normal process of saving your document in the regular fashion.

This is a forum user help users. You can submit suggestions for changes in Bugzilla. And without “but”…"

Thanks ebot. I’ve had a chance to simmer down now. I will attempt a feature request. In the meantime I’ll see what I can do with a python script.