"background color" and "border color options missing in Base form

Hey, I just recently started using base and already ran into a really strange problem.
When going into control and then general for anything in my form all the color options are completely missing. They just are not there. image description

That is the image. The same thing happens no matter what I have selected and changing color in the toolbar changes only a little strip at the top of the form as if I have it selected.

The image in your answer points to nowhere. You should when asking a question include your LO version (not just “Latest”) and what OS. With that said, it is possible there is corruption in your user file. See this post to clear it - click here.

What type of control? Different controls have different properties. I’ve given you enough points to add a screenshot of what you are looking at.

That doesn’t work^?

It’s a recently reported BUG - see here. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon.