Background color of Cells in Excel sheet with conditional formatting is not correctly rendered since latest major release (7)

previously with release 6, when I used an excel with a cell background color set by conditional formatting the PDF generation was correct.

Now I systematically have a black background in the cell with conditionnal format.

Any idea ?

…when I used an excel…

What is it? Do you mean a XLS(X) File?

You should better save your files in ODS.

It could be a compatibility problem between ODS and XLS(X).


Recommendation for clean working with LibreOffice when different Office programs are used.
Always create and save your files in LibreOffice and save them in ODF format (ODT, ODS, etc.).
Always keep these files as their source.
If you need other formats for distribution to partners, you can open an ODF file and save and distribute another format with ″ Save as… ″.
This way, you always have working files available in your system environment.


Edit different file formats in LibreOffice

Please report the behavior as a bug in Bugzilla .

See also:

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice Please post the link from the bug here.
To do this, edit your initial question. Thank you.

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Do you mean, you get bad coloration when: you import/open an MSOffice Excel file in LO, with conditional coloring, and then print to PDF from LO ?

major release (7)

Just a note.
In LibreOffice, the numbering system might be confusing; note that the “major” and “minor” version number parts (i.e., 7.0, 6.4, etc.) together form a major release. There is no difference in “majority” of release between 6.4->7.0, and 7.0->7.1. It may happen that the former may include fewer changes that the latter - as ready based on time-based release train.

The bump of “major” part happens currently after five “minors” (.0, .1, .2, .3, .4) - and that is simply a kind of convention, not marking anything special.

So please never refer to just “major” version; whenever you write LibreOffice version, please include at least two number elements.

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A lot. The first would be to check your condition…

But as you didn’t give any useful information to start, there is not much we can do.

If you actually seek help, upload a small file with your conditional formatting to check here - and maybe a screenshot of the original/expected behaviour.

As it worked before, I searched the latest release when it was functionnal.
So it works with LibreOffice 20(Build:2) and I can reproduce the issue from release LibreOffice 20(Build:2) to LibreOffice 30(Build:3).

You can find as attached document the xlsx not correctly rendered.

Thanks for your help.
pb.xlsx (13.0 KB)

Regression after 6f908b48373b71d45c8119b296b0504fb586f6f8 - core - Gitiles - please file a bug report.

Thanks for your feedback, bug reported