Baloon button names in LO 5.0 ?

I just upgraded to LO using the Linux repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa

Is is possible to have balloon button names appear for each menu icon ? Menu bar icons can be either too small or two large depending on anyone’s given screen resolution. In my case with a 15" screen and limited display real estate, I have to resort to the small icon setting in general options. With a screen resolution at 1680x1050 I really can’t make out exactly what sometimes very similar looking icons do, just by looking at them. I would like to be able to see their icon name or some one-word description of what they do using contextual balloons upon mouse-hover.

Is it possible ? Is there such a setting ?

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS with En_US.UTF-8 locale and app-GUI

Hi CBhihe

LO-5 is from LibreOffice Fresh & as such may be buggy. You need to get used to using Bugzilla (or the Bug Assistant) (or enhancements).

One alternative is to use LibreOffice Still (more stable, less exciting).

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Why, hello @rautamiekka, down-voting my answer, are you? Did you notice that it removes Karma from you, as well? Did you also notice that it hasn’t changed the truth of my reply? Even though you do not like it?

You should know your answer isn’t an answer, regardless of LO5 being pretty buggy.

The user disagrees with you here. Regardless, your practice of saying ‘upgrade to lo-5’ when the user says ‘how do I do x-y-z’ is lazy & stupid. Try engaging your brain before speaking.