Base form - save, reload, refresh or all ?

Win10 LO 7.3.2 HSQL 2.51


Having some troubles with a boolea field (see image)

If a contact in cartas is modified-check or uncheck, the email client will
not reflect the change even when the record is saved on modified or after the form is
However if after a change a different row is selected, mail is ok ?
Any ideas how this can be fixed, thanks


For some reason this doesn’t appear to be using HSQL 2.51 as you state.

Maybe not concerning your issue, but tdf#138715 comes to mind as potential problem.

@Ratslinger Hi,yes the db uses 2.51
The problem is the base form, Thunderbird is ok. In the form contacts are selected and then passed on to Thunderbird

Sorry but my LO Base is looking for .mab and TB is now .sqlite

No current connection to TB.

Should I use commit after changing checkmarks?

I cannot even test to see what is going on.

Can’t help with what I have set up.

Sorry I am not using the addressbook. The email addresses are part of the base table and the selection is used to create a mail to the contacts picked from the list

Unfortunately based upon the image and the text, I am lost as to what you have, what you are doing and what the problem actually is.

The form lists contacts maintained in the database. Now if I want to send some invitation to selected people,I can add or rove people from the list before clicking the button which opens TB and places all recipients in to the To line

all working but when I place another check or deselect someone and then click the button, that change is not reflected in the newly opened TB.
So the problem is the cartas check field not saving before or when clicking the button.

Boolean fields update fine for me. Of course in a table control you need to either save the record (like any record on any form) or move to another record and it will be saved.

@Ratslinger thanks, had a macro to save on modified as I do not want to move, but that didnt do the trick.
Anywaywhat exactly does a commit do or is there a way to flush (write) all pending changes

Sorry, but this is what becomes tiresome. Needing to guess every step of the way in what someone might be doing. After all this time you are now discussing a macro - could be anything in there. You also stated:

…will not reflect the change even when the record is saved.

Enough for me - at least for a bit.

Thanks for your time anyway

Take a look at this post → Posting values to a table from a form

and → Table not updating from form when ‘default’ values applied

Thank you for the links, managed to solve it b way of
oForm = ThisComponent.DrawPage.getForms().getByName(“Formulario”)