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So I’m building a database for my garden seed sowing.

I have three tables:

Seed Varieties, Seed Purchases and Seed Sowing

So for example I may list Sweet pea Leamington in Seed Varieties, then purchase these seeds from a particular company, then sow seeds from that packet over a couple of years.

I can create a main form, then a sub-form of purchases, but how do I make a sub-form of a sub-form. So when I click on each row of the seed purchases sub-form, an additional sub-form shows when I sowed them.

So Seed Varieties may contain

Seed Purchases may contain
Seed ID
Purchase Date
Expiry Date

Seed Sowing may contain
Sowing Date
Germination Date
Germination Rating
Transplant Date
Flowering Date

I can provide my database if that helps.

Many thanks


Adding a sub sub form is much the same as adding a sub form. You create another form attached to the sub form and link back to the sub form. A sample is in my answer in this post → How to create new fields/columns in a Form to be linked to multiple tables.

Look at form PaymentEntryFormModified. There are macros in the sample but it does not affect what you need to examine.

If you continue to have problems incorporating, please post your sample and will gladly have a look.

Edit 2021-04-08:

Have reviewed your sample. You created a problem on your sub form. This was based upon a Query which then did not allow the ability to add new records. My supposition it this was done to get the Supplier Name displayed. This query is no needed for that. A list box will do.

Also the main and sub form were set to not allow additions/modifications/deletions.

Have copied and then modified your original form. Removed the sub form query and replaced with table access and used a list box. Added a sub sub form for Sowing. Set all forms to allow additions/modifications/deletions.

You can observe what I have done and modify to your needs. You should review documentation → LibreOffice Base Guide

Sample -------- GardenSeeds.odb

Also, your sowing table need reference back to Purchase ID just as Purchase refers to Seed ID.

Thanks, good point. I will get as far as I can, then if need be post. Many thanks. Peter

Thank you. I have edited the main question as requested, and deleted my additional post. It’s not like a ‘normal’ forum.


This is not a Forum. It is a question and answer site.

Did notice you deleted the answer. However, you actually edited the Answer and not the question. Changes are gone. Question is not changed.

May also want to see → Ask/Getting Started



Thank you for the answer. That gives me lots to work on. Appreciate your help.