Boundary of highlighted cell in Calc

In Libre 7.0 the cell backgrounds were white while the cell boundaries were grey. A highlighted cell still had a white background but the boundary changed to black. Excellent.

Having upgraded to version 7.1, a highlighted cell is still white but the boundary is now the same colour grey as all the unselected cells, so it’s impossible see which cell is highlighted. Bad.

I have gone into Preferences but can see no way of choosing the colour of the boundary of the selected cell. Has anyone managed to solve this problem?

Are you sure it’s 7.1, and not 7.3?

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You’re right, it’s not 7.1. It’s actually

OK, so I see that a bug report has already been raised and discussed for at least 3 months. It seems that it could be resolved with the release of OS 10.14, maybe in July, so I guess I will have to wait till then and see what happens.