[Calc] - Alternative to "Format As Table" feature in Excel 2007/2010/2013

Hello Community!

There is a great feature in Excel 2007 an newer: Format as Table.
It comes handy because with 3 clicks it does the following:

  1. Format headings and cells with data, applies borders and makes spreadsheet look very professional

  2. Applies a name to a the table making it a Dynamic named range as a whole.

  3. Makes each column a named range

  4. You may call each cell by its name like:


Here is a great video covering this feature in Excel:
Excel 2010 Table Formatting

So the question is:
Is there any way to do the same thing in LibreOffice Calc?

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See also same question here. However I think the best answer is here from @grakic

At the moment you need to do this step by step: create named ranges, add autofilter and use autoformat for style.

There is a Google Summer of Code idea proposal for implementing ranges/formula features. While right now there is no ongoing development, one could use the pointers from the proposal to develop or fund the development of such feature.