Calc: Convert Image URLs To Actual Images

I have in Calc a column with thousands of links to images, each in its own row. Is it possible to load and display them in the next column? I read that LO also supports VBA scripts, so I found a VBA script for Excel, but it doesn’t work in Calc, it writes an error “Basic syntax error. Unknown data type Shape”
Here is the script:

Did you set Option VBA Support 1 (LibreOffice Help - Option VBASupport Statement)? No guarantee that it will work, if set, but there is a guarantee that VBA scripts won’t work, if not set.

When I run a macro with the parameter “Option VBA Support 1”, Calc always crashes.

… Calc always crashes


I could see the crash when the macro was in shared library, but not when the macro was in an ODS file.

Yes, in that case Calc will not crash, but it will also not download the images.

Now when I want to remove the macro from the shared library, LO always crashes. Deleting from Appdata didn’t help, but at least the error messages don’t pop up after running LO.

Edit: the error does not pop up after editing dialog.xlc and script.xlc

Try Links to images
Links to images

This extension is terribly demanding on the performance of the computer, everything freezes, then when it is already completed, it still consumes resources in the background. But thank you for your effort.

Do you take images from a local resource or from the Internet? In any case, this is faster than converting all the links manually, isn’t it?

This extension was first published on November 27, 2011 here - it still works.

You’re right, but there are thousands of pictures, so it would have to run all night. Excel can do it much faster (I’d rather do it in LO). Thanks for help.

I don’t think the poor performance is about the extension. It’s more likely that it’s some performance problem in Calc handling many inserted images. You are welcome to file a bug report with a sample ZIP containing an ODS (with links) and images, to try to reproduce it.