Calc, Copy a certain value from one sheet to another

Great to read it works.

The nomenclatura of the XSheetCellCursor methods can be confusing sometimes…

.collapseToSize( nColumns, nRows ) changes the size of the cursor range so that it has nColumns columns and nRows rows.

For the spirit code…
Does the line “oCursor.gotoOffset( 0, 179 )” indicate where to start doing the lookup?

yes, it moves the xCellCursor to the starting point of the Spirit rows to be copied. The passed Column and Row offsets are relative to the current cursor position.

I have gotten most of the functionality working now… except the copy to other sheets.

so I would like to get that working. Can anyone assist me?

destiny test.ods

In the attached File you can see what i have so far…
it reads count vs max and outputs a yes or no if complete, then tells me how many I have extra for trade.

I want to now do a check on if it is complete and I have trades (so if row J shows “yes” AND the For Trade number equal to or higher than 1 in row K)

I want it to then take that row and put it in a new sheet.

Please edit your question, don’t use answers for that.

If you just want a quick way to see which sets are complete, or which sets have tradable cards, you can just use an autofilter on the appropriate column on that first sheet.

Highlight the column you want to filter, select Menu/Data/Autofilter, then select the little drop-down arrow that now appears at the top of that column, and adjust away.

(Menu/Data/Autofilter again to turn it off again.)

For example, if you just want to see sets with tradable cards, highlight column K, turn on autofilter, select the drop-down and uncheck “0”, then click OK.

Or to see only the incomplete sets, highlight column J, turn on autofilter, select the drop-down and uncheck “Yes”, then click OK.