Calc export as HTML ignores conditional formatting?

LibreOffice (x64), Windows 10 20H2.

When I export Calc spreadsheet that contains conditional formatting on the cells, the HTML/XHTML does not show the end-result formatting/colors.

Is this a product limitation or a bug?

Just noting here that I did do a search, found this:

but it had been closed as not relevant/outdated. I am at the latest available level, so I assume this question will be considered current. I need to understand if it is a product limitation, or a bug.


Confirmed behavior in LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.


this is bug tdf#37878-Fields with conditional formatting not exported correctly to HTML

Hope this answers your question.

OK, thanks.

So a bug/shortcoming. And a rather old one (9+ years), so I guess I can assume it will not be fixed soon.

By way of additional information, since the defect lists it as coming over from OpenOffice, I tried the latest level of AOO, and it blows up due to a lack of JRE, I could install one, but for security and other reasons I would rather not, so for now, a no go there.

I went over and tried the Calc spreadsheet in Excel, and it does export to HTML there, conditional formatting is preserved, although it generates some pretty ugly HTML (renders rather slow). I normally only use Microsoft Office if I have to, but this may be one of those situations. Shame really, as other than the conditional formatting (and a secondary problem with cell wrap), I much preferred the xhtml generated by LO.