Calc - Lock cell content before formatting to text, how?

Hey there everyone, I have a difficult (to me) question: I have a cell where I have to calculate the percentage between two other cells, and after applying the formula to the cell I need to import the whole sheet into an ERP, which accepts text only values. If I try to format the calculated cell into text the whole calculation gets lost, and all I get into the cell are some “###” values.
Is there a way to freeze the content of the cell so that when I format into text the content doesn’t get lost?
I hope that everything is clear as I explained it, I’m not native english.

In what format is information imported into ERP? Is it spreadsheet format (.ods, .xlsx), text file (.txt, .csv), …?

An ERP is a software, or more generally a system that helps you manage your company to organize stocks, listings, invoices and so much more. Follow this Link to SAP article to know more
To @sokol92 the format it accepts is .ods

Formatting a cell does not change its value. If you want to get the result of calculation as text, then use, for example, the TEXT function.

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@sokol92 thanks, you really saved my day. It works!!

Good luck!

There we were talking about other values, but the sequence of actions for your task should be exactly the same - pre-format the results and convert them to text.