Calc row/column header shading

Hi there,

The row headers “1,2,3…” and column headers “A,B,C…” have a shading effect… half dark grey, half light grey.
Or for selected rows and columns… half dark blue and half light blue.

How can I have single-tone row/column header bars?

I find this semi-3d effect distracting, I would prefer my menus to be as simple and unintrusive as possible.

Many Thanks


Cross-referencing a similar question:

I realize this question is old, but has there been any change to this? I still see the distracting two-tone effect on version with the dark theme enabled.

tdf#127508 was fixed to remove the shading completely and unconditionally, which will be available in version 6.4.

Thanks for the appropriate answer. Sorry for the incorrect posting. I could not find a way to remove the answer so I just edited it.

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