Calculate percentage in Writer table

How to calculate presentage a percentage in a text table in Writer using formula PHD?

Edit your question to make it understandable. What is this phd tag? Also in = inches?

“presentage” = present age?

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Text tables have no noteworthy capabilities concerning calculations. In addition editing of the few formulas they support at all is unhandy and error-prone. so is formatting of results.
I would guess, it’s mostly simpler to do calculations with a pocket calculator, and to enter the results via the keyboard or -if a “virtual pocket calculator” was used- to copy/paste the results.
You also can use a spreadsheet (Calc) as this kind of “pocket calculator”.
If it comes to real automation concerning calculations in text documents, you need to embed a spreadsheet. This is rather simple, reliable, and powerful. You can even store reusable, partly filled spreadsheets as AutoText entries.
This just seems to not be teached anywhere. (Suppose MS junk can’t do it the easy way?)

Typing numbers into a pocket calculator or into a screen calculator is error prone, e.g. transcription error. It is safer to to add within a table, especially a multi-page table where formatted text is the predominant volume.

There is the possibility of error if rows are added after the calculation is made, but that applies to manually calculated totals too. At least with a formula you can press F2 to check all cells are included or to reselect.

I didn’t actually want to suggest the usage of a pocket calculator, but mainly to dissuade from using text tables for calculations. Too poor, too error-prone, imo.

I had this issue a while ago, the answer is to never use phd in a table formula.

Just do the equation, say = <D28> / <E28> then click in the cell and click Table > Number format > Percent.

Please see question Percent calculation in a Writer table. Both answers are worth reading. Cheers, Al