Can I connect libre office with MS OneDrive?


I have read Libre office can be integrated with onedrrive. When I tried do add service I seen only Google drive option and other protocols. It’s still possible to connect libre to OneDrive? Maybe I should use one of option from the list with credentials provided by OneDrive?

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That’s what I see on LibreOffice on openSUSE 15.2 using KDE/Plasma desktop

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What’s your environment (LibreOffice version, operating system and desktop manager)?

Hey. I using LibreOffice Version:, on Pantheon on ElementaryOS. There are no system wide possibility to sync with OneDrive on ElementaryOS. Maybe LibreOffice depends on system sync.

Ok - this seems to be an Ubuntu packaging problem/issue. I could find de OneDrive option already on LibreOffice version (TDF package) and according to LibreOffice 5.1 - Release Notes - Remote Files Dialog the option has been added in LibreOffice 5.1 (This is not a statement about functionality - I don’t use it).

May be the following PPA for Ubuntu based systems is an alternative to application integration of OneDrive: onedrive-abraunegg : Yannick

Using this on Almalinux 8.6 with KDE Plasma desktop. I still get the specified object is invalid result. I am on LIbre Office Had the same result on 7.3 as well. I am sure my user name and password are correct. Help would be much appreciated. I have Googled for this and not found a solution.

You are appending to an old question, where the TO could not even select OneDrive as an option. Suggested solution was to check packages of his distribution.
So either use this solution or open a new question, as I suspect your problem is different or your mentioning of password would make no sense. Describe there how far you come.