Can I download an earlier version compatible with OSX Lion

The current system requirements for MAC for the latest LO versions are OSX 10.8 and I am running 10.7.5 (Lion). As I do not want to upgrade OSX (complications with other applications on my machine ) I wondered how I could download a version of LO compatible with 10.7.5. as this does not seem to be an option on the Download page. Is it possible ? Thanks

Refer the answer here.

Thanks for the referral. What I’m unsure about now is how I specify that its version that I want to download. Is there something I’ve missed on the Download screen ?

If you click on the “” link in the linked answer it will take you directly to that version in the download archive. Chose the DMG for yhe x86/x86_64 architecture according to your needs.

Many Thanks Oweng - I’ve done the deed.