Can I have a subform on a form with a Table Control?

When I attempt to do this, I get the following error:
The data content could not be loaded.
firebird_sbdc error:
*Dynamic SQL Error
*Sql error code =-206
*Column unknown
*At line 1, column 60
caused by

CATID is the index field that links the two tables used by the form and the subform.


There is an existing Bug after converting HSQLDB to Firebird. This deals with sub forms and the error you received. There is another error of this type dealing with a MySQL database. Both can be fixed by either running a macro or editing a file within the Base .odb.

I would recommend the macro and have created an extension to make it easier. See this post → How to unzip ODB file and edit the content.xml file to fix Firebird bug?. The related bug # is also there.

As with any fix, PLEASE make a backup copy first. Have run this myself numerous time without a problem but there is always a first time something can go wrong.

You can remove the extension when done if desired or leave it installed if you have other files to convert. It only need be run once to fix the problem.

BTW - The answer to your title question is Yes. You can have a variety of forms, sub forms, sub sub forms, etc. on a Base form document.

The post to which you linked in your answer was very helpful, and solved the problem I was having. Thank you very much!

Thank you Ratslinger!

I just spent a WEEK dealing with this error. I thought I was doing something wrong for days as I was able to make a subform easily in the old HSQLDB db’s. I’m geeked that I’ve got my task manager up an running on with the firebirid engine now.

Thanks again.