Can I insert a .pdf document into a LibreOffice Writer document?

Can I insert a .pdf document into a LibreOffice document?
Within a LO Writer document, Insert, then Document - it fails.
Is there an answer, please.
Thank you.

Depends what you need to do. You can insert a PDF as an image or even as a Hyperlink to the PDF (either local or on the Internet). But you’re correct that Writer will not insert a PDF as a document, as far as I know. If it’s editable text from your PDF you need in your Writer document, I’m afraid you’re either going to have to copy/paste manually from the PDF to your Writer document or convert your PDF to a usable format in another app (like pdftotext or pdftohtml) and then insert (or again, just copy/paste).

The PDF format is a PostScript graphics format, even though it displays perfectly, does “strange” things saving text and is not to be confused for a simple text document. Cheers!

Thanks for your thoughts. Murray

Open the pdf in Draw select everything on the page and paste it into Writer; often I paste it into a bordered frame to show that it is an insertion. It has to be copied and pasted on a page-by-page basis.
The text can be edited in Writer but pictures seem to be fixed so best to make any adjustments in Draw first. None of the text will have styles, not even big fonts.

Since LO 6.4, individual text boxes in the pdf in Draw can be joined by selecting them and in menu click Shapes > Consolidate Text

Al, with all due respect, I know we all have more time to kill with the pandemic and all but do you realize what you’re suggesting? That may be feasible with a one-page PDF, maybe two-pages, but beyond that is Chinese water torture or OCD. If you’re lucky (depending on the PDF), you’re not piecing together words with your method.

That’s why I said it had to be done on a page-by-page basis. If I need to add fifty pages, or if it needs to go to a commercial printers, then I’ll crank up inDesign. But for documents that are to be printed in house and that need a few pages of pdfs included it is a fast and effective method.

I am not talking about rearranging the layout, as you seem to suggest. The question was adding pdf to Writer. Cheers, Al