Can I make a sublist under an item in a list

I have a list (items 1,2,3 etc), Under item #1, I want to make a list (a. b. c. etc). is this possible? How?

Maybe start here: older question at ask

What is not mentioned in question 214486/writer-how-to-use-list-levels referenced ny @Wanderer is: all lists in Writer are multi-level.

When you are at the end of your intem #1 and hit Enter, you start a new item at same level, i.e. #2. If you want a subitem, press Tab at the very beginning of this new item. If is likely it will be labelled 1. or 1.1. This can be fixed easily (now or later).

Go to Format>Bullets & Numbering, Customize tab and define the properties of the various levels.

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Found it: place cursor before first character in the planned subitem, then press tab. Not intuitive, but it works.

Nothing is “intuitive”. It always follows some rule. Then when you are used to it, it is nicknamed “intuitive”.

In this case the rule is mentioned in the built-in help. Tab to promote an item to some higher level, Shift+Tab to demote the item.