Can I use a remote worksheet range name in a formula?


In LO Build ID: 350m1(Build:2) on ubuntu 10.04, I am trying to build a formula including a reference to a named range on a sheet in another .ods file. The named range is scoped to the sheet rather than to the workbook. What syntax will let me use the name in my formula? For example, I expect it would look something like this:


Is there some way to have LO recognise/suggest the range name and/or replace a reference to an explicit cell range with the corresponding reference to the named range?

Thank you.

The form for external Calc range explicit references is:


Unfortunately though there appears to be a lack of support within the ODF specification for saving external range name references (FDO#60170). Local ranges would likely look like this:


Global ranges would likely look like this:


Currently there is no way to select or obtain a valid range name for an external Calc file. Note also, that the v3.x series do not suffer from a related problem with external references that affects the v4.0 series (FDO#64229).

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