Can Libre Office run from a removable hard drive? Thanks

Can Libre Office run from a removable hard drive?

Can it be the full version or should it be the portable version?

What are the difference between the two versions? Thanks

(I never installed a LibO to removable media. I can’t answer the first question therefor.)

Differences between
Installed versions /vs/ Versions from PortableApps packages.

Any OS and bit-width supported by LibO development /vs/ Only 32-bit for Windows (or Win compatibility layer)
Early developer versions and prereleases available /vs/ Only released versions (some omitted) a some time later
Offline Help installable by simply calling the msi file /vs/ A few extra steps needed to make offline help available.
File associations can be set by install options /vs/ Manual association needed (if wanted; requires fix drive letter on Win)
No restrictions concerning languages /vs/ Some restrictions (less languages), smaller file.
Offered in a prominent place of the popular download page. /vs/ Not offered in a quite as prominent place.

From my experience: No relevant difference in speed after load.