Cannot access data from LO Base file from forms

I have Ubuntu 18.04 x64 and LO I had a system crash and had to reinstall my OS. All of my .odb files and DBs are on a data disk and were not affected. These .odb files contained forms and queries and were linked to MySQL DBs. After getting all applications installed, including MySQL and Libreoffice, I installed MySQL Workbench and verified that my DB’s were accessable, contained the correct information, and that all my queries and scripts worked as intended. I then tried to access one of my DBs to change some data through my LO Base forms. I had always used a MySQL Native connector. However, I can no longer access the MySQL DBs because I get a message saying user and passwords are required. I do not use passwords in MySQL and tried to just enter an empty password. That did not work. I went into MySQL and created a password for my ID (and the one used to access the DBs from Base), and was told the password was invalid. I then reset MySQL password back to none.

I spent quite a significant amount of time developing the Base frontend for these DBs. I really need to get this to work. Can anyone offer some suggestions that can help me get this resolved. Thanks.


In past when using MySQL and a native connector, I found some which worked and others which did not. In other posts, this varied upon the OS & LO version used. You may want to try a different connector. As of LO v6.2.x the native has changed. See → LibreOffice 6.2: Release Notes.

Also, trying to reset password required is a bug - tdf#97416. There is a fix within this post and also answer in this post → to reset password to default type.

You may also want to attempt a different connector such as JDBC or ODBC. See answer in this post → Created a database in MySQL, unable to connect via SBDC to LO Base.

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This is where the problem lies in my case as well. I have it working by adding a password in mysql to my user and then entering that password for my various databases when the popup comes up. The issue I was having was when I had no password, the .odb contents were set to true, and when I had a password, the contents were set to false. I think the UI is flaky because it did the opposite of what mysql had. Thank you for tracking these posts down.