Cannot install 5.0.4 .deb Linux package

I downloaded the x64 package for v 5.0.4, then I extracted it. I am left with a folder full of .deb packages. Trying the most likely package, which had no module name, failed with a dependencies error. So I went with the “core” package, which at 190mb is much larger. It too failed with that error.

How does one install this version? I’m on Linux Lite 2.6, a ubuntu 14.04 derivative.

After extracting the .deb file, there should be a readmes folder with a read me file alongside the deb folder with instructions on installing it. After reading it, open the deb folder, right-click and choose Open In Terminal. Enter this in the terminal and press enter:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

You’ll be asked for your password. Enter it and LibreOffice should install.

Thank you. I overlooked that, thinking this would be a one-click deal. After seeing the requirements for installation, I am going to forego this and wait for the official distribution, rather than search out whether my system is up to the new install. Thanks again.

There are PPA repositories for LO that work with Ubuntu and, I think, Mint. I don’t know if they are compatible with Linux Lite.

@mikebibo: any distro directly based on Ubuntu without changing the core system or using an alternative “unsupported” package means Ubuntu packages will run on it. What Ubuntu release, CPU type and if applicable the bit width is dictates what packages you can install, as you should be aware.

You did not say if this was a new installation or if you were trying to upgrade from a previously installed version of LO. Regardless, below is a link to my instructions to myself on how to install the package. If yours was a new installation, you might want to refer to these instructions when you get ready to update. Of course, you can do as you said and simply install the package available in your OS, but I find it very unsatisfying to wait for what seems like forever for updates to become available in the Software Package Installer. In my instructions, note that in addition to purging the existing (if any) version of LO, the only steps you need to complete are those highlighted in yellow and in green. Really, it is simply a couple of steps. Hope this helps.

Thanks. Does that “purge” switch delete all existing user settings and templates?