can't connect to mysql

I have created a table on my website using myphpadmin. When I try to connect to that database i get an “Error code: 1045”. here’s what i did:

  • New Base Database
  • on Steps:
    1. Select Database, i selected “Connect to an existing database”, from the drop down, “MySQL”
    2. Set up MySQL Connection, i selected " Connect Directly".
    3. Set up JDBC Connection, I entered the database name, my domain IP as server, port 3306.
    4. Set up user authentication, I used my admin username and password. but when I press the test connection, that’s where the error appears.

What/where did I do wrong? thanks.


Your question states using a direct connection and a JDBC connection. You can only be using one or the other in the Base connection. Also it is important to know the MySQL version your are using and if 8.0 what level of security was applied.

For reasoning and further insight to your problem see this post:

Also, the error you posted indicates either an incorrect password or database is used.