Can't get macro's to work on El Capitan (java 6 error message)


I’m trying to get my macro’s to work again after upgrading to El Capitan. I get the infamous: need a java 6 runtime error.

So, I downloaded and installed the legacy java 6 offered by Apple. However, it doesn’t show up in my list of JREs in LibreOffice. Even tried installing LibreOffice again after installing java 6 because I read somewhere that this could make a difference. I was hoping to link it up manually, but I’m not sure which directory I need to reference.


Hi Marc Sch

You do not ‘reference a dir’ - LO picks the install Java from your system.

You do not say which LO nor what bit-size it is. If it is 64-bit that would make sense of your current situation. Plus, an easy fix is available at Q59201.

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Refer the answer here.