Capitalise every word

Writer needs to have a Capitalise Every Word function that achieves one of the following for the same result in most cases.
(1) Capitalize first word and 4+ letter words
(2) Capitalize first word and all words excluding conjunctions, possessives, location nouns

By this
currently becomes
The Full List Of Our Passenger Rights
but using the Zotero function would become the more conventionally accepted (“Conventional Capitalization”):
The Full List of our Passenger Rights

Surely the Zotero programmer who enabled the Info/Title to be converted from all caps to conventional capitalization along the lines indicated above could be approached to assist in making Writer formatting work better?
Or is there a workaround available?

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This already exists in Font Effects tab of both paragraph and character styles. Select Title from the drop-down menu Effects.

CAVEAT! You get title case only if you type your text lowercase. If text is typed capital, uppercasing the first letter will have no effect since the word is already uppercase.

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@ajlittoz - Have you tested this? For me, “Title Case” produces “The Full List Of Our Passenger Rights”, and not “The Full List of our Passenger Rights”, which is what OP is after.

@dajare: from my understanding of question, there were two possibilities: either capitalise all words (which is what does Title) or a more elaborate one excluding “secondary” (noise) words like conjunctions. This second option is presently out of LO reach.

Moreover OP wanted to type its title all uppercase which nullifies Title effect.

@ajlittoz - Doh. So right you are. I got fixated on the Zotero thing. But on my system, the Format > Text > [change-case] options all work no matter how the text is entered. If I enter caps, I can still use that to get lower case, Title Case, UPPER CASE, Sentence case, tOGGLE cASE, etc. (On on my Ubuntu system Shift-F3 cycles through the first three of those. Works a treat.)

No, LibreOffice does not have a Title Case feature or workaround.
The Title option in Effects is not usable as it will not let you manually fix the short words.

The easiest way is to use the Navigator (F5) view all your headings.
You can then double-click the headings to be taken directly to that spot in the document where you can edit the text.

I have been looking for any FOSS application which has a more advanced title case algorithm, but Zotero’s basic function is about it so far.
There are a few websites, but they are also very basic.
One very expensive commercial application sounded like it may be more advanced, but no way to test.

One would think this would be achievable with a macro of some kind. Interesting that the options are so limited – at least LibO is not an isolated case here! Perhaps a project for a rainy day… ¶ Meanwhile, this is not true: No, LibreOffice does not have a Title Case feature or workaround. It certainly does. And for this: it will not let you manually fix the short words. It does on my system. I just did it! Curious.