Caption problem on Writer

Hello again,
now I have a little caption problem on Witer.
The problem is quite strange, because when I insert an image into the document and I want to add a caption to describe the image, something strange happens.
The first time I save the file and then I convert the same file into a pdf document, all the process is working fine; but the second time when I modify the same document, the caption on the second image has gone and then there are two occurencies: the program chrashes or I have to insert a second caption on the same image to see the first one.
Quite strange, isn’t it?
What I have to do to solve this problem?

I think first try resetting the user profile, sometimes solve strange issues.

It was very easy. I have only tried to align the image on top and now the caption is permanently visible. But first I uninstalled LibO and reinstalled it, just to be sure.

Well, forget it.
Maybe I found another bug.
Once solved the problem, when I have to modify the document I have to align again the image to see the caption.