Change highlighting in MS Word

When I highlight a a part of a text in LibreOffice and save the document as docx, it isn’t possible to ‘delete’ the highlighting in MS Word anymore. The other way round it works.

It seems that LibreOffice is setting the highlight color as a pattern and that’s why MS Word can’t change the highlight with the according tools, because for Word it isn’t a highlight but a pattern…

Or have I missed something here?

Any help appreciated.


Heya @jorendc – is this some style-related topic?

It is removable in MS word: the problem is that you should use the Paragraph / shade tool and not the highlight tool to do it.

This is a quite old bug. The main one is here: but It was first reported in 2004:

I think it could be named the most ancient unresolved problem in LO and previous incarnation.

I have a test file there:, they are three files (the original .ODT, two exported file to .DOC and .DOCX).

Is it possible for you to file a bug for that and attach a document you created + provide us steps to reproduce this behavior? You can easely report bugs at following website:

The QA team (me included) will take care of it, and ask more information if necessary.

Thanks in advance,

Bug 60892 - FORMATTING: can’t change highlight color in MS Word when create docx using LibreOffice

I have a test file there:

fdo#60892 has been marked as a duplicate of

Bug 64490 - LibreOffice Writer text highligthing is not compatible with Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX (highlighting transforms to background color).