Character set of apostrophe

image description

What is the character set code for the first and second one ?

On my Linux/mint system you can display the characters, character by character. I believe it also works with windows.

To display the character in Unicode
Select the character then alt x will display the code. Alt x will revert to the character.
on my system ‘ U+2018 “ U+201c

Oh! Somehow I didn’t see the alt x reading the answer first time (I must have assumed you are describing some Linux-specific method, and wasn’t careful enough reading) :slight_smile:

Difficult to tell because the glyh shape depends heavily on font face. However you have two solutions:

  • a “guess”: in Writer, Insert>Special Character, subset General punctuation

    Start at LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK U+2018 and try similar looking characters, comparing the enlarged sample to your character at high magnification. It is likely it is RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK U+2019

  • an “exact” procedure: type a short text including the looked-for character, save as .txt file; use an hexadecimal editor to read the UTF-8 sequence (U+2019 is 0xE2 0x80 0x99 in UTF-8)

The second one is probably APOSTROPHE U+0027 in the Basic Latin subset.

Under Linux KDE desktop, utility KCharSelect displays a table of Unicode characters with their codepoint number and UTF-8, UTF-16 and XML entity encodings, which is handy at determining effective character used.

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More exact procedures:

  • Put cursor next to the apostrophe in the formula bar, and press Alt+X
  • =DEC2HEX(UNICODE(MID(A4;2;1)))