trying run excel file with vba code

This post reached short list of this year’s “most ignorant question”-award (though it disqualifies as “question”).

To learn how to use this site, see Guidelines for asking - #4 by jimk. LibreOffice Calc macros are written in LO Basic (or Python, Java et cetera), not VBA.

There is no need for such a response, just ignore it instead of responding so rudely.

@mauricio - sorry, but what in fact needs to be called “rude” is posting such a “question” and you didn’t ignore my comment as well.

@anon73440385 -
because your comment contributes nothing to a good community, so I can’t ignore it.

I agree that Opaque’s first comment wasn’t very constructive or polite, but who upvoted this question? I downvoted and posted a comment suggesting how to improve the question. In my opinion, whoever upvoted is not using this site very well, and now the poster is rewarded by increased karma points for asking such a poor question.