Conditional activation of a form field

I am trying to create a form for customer profile for which I need to capture if the person married or not based on which a form field with the spouse name should be activated in the form. anyone has any idea on how to achieve this.

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What you want can be done but only through macro coding. There are properties in controls which can be controlled to enable/dis-able or hide/reveal the control. If, for example, the marital status was a check box, code tied to it being modified would check the status and modify the properties accordingly.

If you have no macro experience this is not something to be learned overnight. It is specific to your form(s) and controls. To learn more about macros, see the LO Base documentation → LibreOffice Base Handbook.

You will also find further information and links in this post → To learn LibreOffice Base are there introductions or tutorials?