Conditional formatting Calc not allowing border or date to show correctly

I am an old Open Office user and just found out about LibreOffice and wanted to try it and see several improvements over Openoffice.

Now my 2 part question.

I am putting a Calc spread sheet together to track medical claims for my family. The data that I am collecting is Name of member, doctor, date of service, claim number (linked to PDF of the claim) and misc about claim. I have got this part all done up.

Now I am wanting to use conditional formatting to highlight each part by members name. I got this to work, but when done the date field changed to some numbers instead of showing the date, and my borders in the highlighted area disappear.

Any advise on what I might be doing wrong?

Update: Please elibrate on what you mean by needing more then one style based upon text/number vs date cells, there should not be any difference due to the conditional formattin is based upon a simple yes or no in. As for your comment about “border you need to set one in the cell style borders-tab”

Maybe you would need more than one style to apply in the conditional formatting, at least one for text/number cells and one for date cells.

In LibreOffice the background color overlap the grid, to get the border you need to set one in the cell style borders-tab.

Well is there any option that background color would NOT overlap the grid??? Specially in conditional formating?

Yes there is an option:
Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/View/Grid lines.