Conditional formatting: change cell background colour when another cell's date = today

Hi all.

In the example provided I want to change the background colour of cells in the “GOAL” column (columns B through J) as well as cells in the DATE column (column A) to red when the date = today… how might I go about doing this…?

Date conditional formatting example.ods

Thanks very much.

Set up a cell somewhere which has the formula =TODAY()

Set your condition as Cell value is equal to the cell you edited above. Add the style you need - you may have to create that. Done.

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Maybe it will help you

Just adding that having one cell (e.g. K1) with =TODAY() and comparing against that cell in each conditional format (with $A2=$K$1 in this example) may be more convenient as it makes it possible to enter any other date (or formula with a date result) in K1 to evaluate.