Conditional Statements IF, THEN with 3 Conditions

I am trying to create a formula to enter data in a specific cell based on the value of another cell. There are 3 conditions that need to be address.

Here is the formula that needs to be fixed: =IF(I3<5,“Low”,IF(I3=>4<9,"Medium”,IFI3>8"High”))
Alternately: =IF(I3<5,“Low”,IF(I3=>4<9,"Medium”,"High”))

This formula works but only returns the first two values of “Low” and “Medium”. I cannot figure out how to fix this.

What is meant?
May be


There are some contradictions in your conditions:
I3 = 4 is smaller than 5 — Let it be Low???
I3 = 4 equals 4 — Let it be Medium???

Yes that does not look good. More simple stated,

If the value of the cell is 1 - 4 input “Low”
If the value of the cell is 5 - 8 input “Medium”
If the value of the cell is >8 input “High”

To my surprise, Calc ‘understood’ the: IF(I3=>4<9,"Medium”

Yes the “=” in the above statement is superfluous. My error for not catching it. I was checking various sources online for over an hour, copy and pasting formulas and to top it off Calc seemed to be ‘spell correcting’ while I was inputting these formulas and changes to them.

What about the formula from my previous post? :slightly_smiling_face:

Vladimir, I tried your suggestion but it returned the following, :Err:501 but it inspired me. I found the answer:


Vladimir thank you for inspiring me to find the answer.

I edited the expression to use proper quote characters and international ; semicolon function parameter separator so it can be pasted in any locale environment, and used ``` lines to format as code, see This is the guide - How to use the Ask site? - #6 by erAck .

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Vielen Dank erAck. I was having trouble with the quote characters. I will update the formula in my notes per your update and replace the commas with semicolons.

A suggestion with no if function:


Note that if your locale/config uses a , comma function parameter separator instead of ; semicolon, that will get automatically converted. It’s just that entering an expression with a semicolon works in all locales, so we prefer to use that here for examples.

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Thank you PKG. I will have to learn more about “LOOKUP”.


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