Connect calc to registered db

I’ve created a MySql database and then used LOBase to connect to it. It shows the tables correctly. How can I connect a LOcalc sheet to this registered db?.

One site , [Tutorial] Using registered datasources in Calc, I visited says: “In Calc hit F4, browse your database and drag the table (or a query for the same purpose) from the left pane onto a cell.”* Pressing F4 puts up a box saying LibreOffice
No cell references are found in the selected cells.

It seems you are referring to [Tutorial] Using registered datasources in Calc (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum. That would have been good to mention in the question. On that page, Romke states, “In newer version of LO the key is changed from F4 to Ctrl+Shift +F4” (Oct 27, 2016).


The correct key combination is Ctrl + Shift + F4. This is also accessible from menu View->Data Sources.

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