convert csv to dbf headless in linux

I have to process three csv files every Wed. Converting them to dBase. In a bash shell script.

How can I do that?

By using command line parameters which you learn reading the help.

Check the following thread at ask on convert-to

Your destination will be dBase, but I guess you will have to do some additional research on the configuration of the input filter for csv, as csv is no fixed standard, but a bunch of rules and it is not containing any information on charset, separator, date format, quoting etc. All this YOU have to provide.


PS: You may search for csv2dbf to find alternatives, as you obviously don’t need LibreOffice but suppurt forb two other file-formats.

PPS: If international files are concerned: Check issues with Charset-Coding also on the dBase-end of the equation

libreoffice --headless --invisible --convert-to dbf thexport.csv


Why? You have already used --headless (which is not needed, because --convert-to already implies it - but whatever), so why this extra unrelated thing? It is documented to allow dialogs and other UI to be shown using the API, unlike --headless that is intended to use no UI completely. These two modes are mutually exclusive.