Convert Number To English Currency in Calc


I want to convert Number to English Word / Currency in MYR (Ringgit Malaysia) in Libre Calc Version

I have tried the extension related to the subject Convert Number to English Word.

But it does not work.

Is there any similar solutions for this?

Have you tried NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT. You can test on their Website.

Thanks. I tried few times by reinstalling it.
Finally the formula works.
However, I want the result like this: 1.12
= MONEYTEXT(1.12, “MYR”)

Is that possible?


The order of primary and subsidiary units and amounts appears fixed and not all currencies seem fully supported. I would try contacting the extension author.

Hello Mr Oweng. I keep on trying and figure out this. =SUBSTITUTE(UPPER(MONEYTEXT(H18)),“U.S. DOLLARS”, “RINGGIT”) & " ONLY". It works! But some of the text is hidden and I need to align the text in the middle (I merged few of the cells and shrink it to fit in the cell). But after 2 days, my Calc suddenly close and I need to recover it. I have to reenter all the formula again. Anyway, thanks. I will keep on follow up your comment.

Refer this thread and indicate what is not working.

Thanks. That is very useful. But can I convert it to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)?
For Eg: RM 1.12= moneytext(1.11,“MYR”)=ONE RINGGIT AND ELEVEN CENTS ONLY.
But the result turns into [one and eleven].