Convert-to pdf: is it possible to specify PDF security options?

I have LibreOffice installed on a Windows 7 PC.

Is there a way of converting documents to PDF from the command line using ‘convert-to’ specifying security options? In my case I’d like to prevent users copying the contents of the PDF to the clipboard.


You can use the “free” PDF Creator which installs as a printer, and comes with all the options you could want (including security options). When you “print” to PDF Creator, you’ll get a window asking you for file name and location to save the PDF, and one of the buttons at the bottom is “options” – that’s where you set it.

Most recent versions have come bundled with a “PDF Forge Toolbar” that wants to be installed at the same time as PDF Creator. This has created some anger in the forums (as you can see if you check!), and I was at first angry too (having used PDF Creator for many years). It was clumsily done, but you do NOT have to install the toolbar: just clear all radio buttons in that phase of the install screen, and it will NOT be installed. It’s just not immediately obvious that this is possible.

I prefer to use LO’s native PDF export tool, but when I want the sort of options you’re asking about, I still use PDF Creator (when in Windows!). Hope that helps.