Converting vba to python

I have a number of Excel 2003 (and earlier) VBA utilities I would love to move to LibreOffice, since I’m spending more and more time in Mint and Calc, and less and less in Windows and Excel. It seems macro development in LO is largely dependent on OO’s progress in that regard.

My question, really, is this (and it is two-fold):

  1. is there a VBA-replacement pathway amongst the LibreOffice development team?
  2. if so, is some flavour of Basic still being supported or (as I fervently hope and wish) is the move to Python?

I believe development of a solid macro/app development language would enable a lot of Excel hold-outs who need that VBE to extend Excel. And, because of its robust nature, I would strongly hope that Python would become the macro/app-dev language of choice.


1. No, other than for a very limited set of VBA instructions. Refer my answer here as to why this is the case.

2. LO has its own flavour of Basic, which is different from VBA. API exposure is also available in Python (and C) but these macros cannot be stored in the document container library and must be edited externally.

@oweng :
Thats not true at all - python (and several other Languages ) can be stored in the document container!

and yes - you have to edit these languages by external tools - but the thing called Basic-IDE is in any way not worth the effort

@karolus By the way: What about PYSORT?

@karolus, thanks for the correction. I have edited the answer.