Copy a spreadsheet with macros to another pc

I have created a spreadsheet with two macros which are in standard on my own pc but I want a colleague to be able to use a copy of the spreadsheet on their pc. If I copy the file to his pc the macros don’t work.

Hello @psafaris,

Please make sure that your colleague also has the same two macros in their Standard library.

The question I was asking was how do I get the macros onto my colleague’s machine. I found a way of doing it. I copy the macro basic code to a text file and then opened the standard library on their machine and copied the text file in. Somewhat inelegant but it worked.

Create a library in the spreadsheet and put the macros there. Then the colleague will have them in the calc file.


If the macros are in the Standard library, it’s probably because they are not dedicated to a particular spreadsheet. ToolsMacrosOrganize does not export the Standard Library of “My Macros”, hence the question …

  • Either you create a library in My Macros and move your macros there (and you can use ToolsMacrosOrganizeOrganizerLibraries tab to export/import)
  • Or you use the StandardExportImport.odt (see here) created by Bernard Marcelly for this purpose (I have not tested but Bernard’s codes are a reference).

HTH - Regards

Thanks - this would have been helpful if I had not solved the problem by copying the macro basic code to a text file and then copying that code into the standard library on my colleague’s machine