Copy and Paste adds an unwanted blank line between each line of the document How to fix

Windows 11. Libre Office 7.4.

I suddenly can’t open .ods (spreadsheet ) files. I can open .odt (text) files.

I had an .odt file open. I clicked on the “X” in the upper right hand corner to close it. When I tried to reopen the file, all I get is a blank Window. Actually a blank window with a faint “L” in the upper right hand corner or a immobilized screen. I can open .ods files just fine.

I deleted and reinstalled LibreOffice several times. No change.

I’m assuming that someone else has had the same problem, I’m darned if I can find a discussion here.


Is it possible to post the screenshot.

Duplicate post but with (confusing) relevant title Can’t open .odt spreadsheets

I think it was an error on my part. I downloaded a document that was double spaced, and I expected it to be single spaced. Everything seems to be working fine. My bad.