Copy margins and indentation format in paragraph


Is there any way to easily copy the margin and indentation format of one paragraph to another one?

Using format brush only copies character format, and I need copying both character and paragraph format.

Thank you.

Can you provide an example of how you are using the paragraph and character styles? For example: abc 123 !@# where the text uses the Text body paragraph style and 123 is set in the Example character style. Note that a paragraph style does not have a “margin” only an indent. Also a character style is for marking only a subset of a paragraph and not the entire paragraph.

I am actually concerned about paragraph and indentation. For instance, I have paragraph A with 0,4cm indentation before text and other paragraph and character settings. And I want to apply exactly the same format (character and paragraph), but specially indentation, to paragraph B. In simple words, I want B look like A, easily copying the format using the format paintbrush. Currently indentation of A is not applied to B. V.

Just to be clear I think this question is asking about the Format Paintbrush toolbar button. There are a lot of bugs currently related to format+paintbrush and many of them appear to be duplicates in various ways. The copy paragraph / numbering format aspect has been report in this thread already.

The function seems to have suffered a regression in the v4.0.x series: FDO#62715, FDO#63317, and FDO#63387 all seemed related to this question. FDO#62708 is likely also related but does not provide version information. Earlier related bugs include: FDO#57514 (v3.6.x) and FDO#50639 (v3.5.x).

EDIT: As the comments below indicate, some of the originally indicated bugs have now been resolved as duplicates of FDO#59029 which contains this important information:

By default only the character formatting is copied; to include paragraph formatting, hold down Ctrl when you click. To copy only the paragraph formatting, hold down Ctrl+Shift when you click.

The paragraph formats are the format applied to the whole paragraph. The character format are those applied to a portion of the paragraph. Be careful though, if you apply the bold format to a whole paragraph, so the bold format is a paragraph format, and then unbold a portion of this paragraph, the bold format is still a paragraph format. This paragraph is divided in two parts, one without character format and one with the “unbold” character format.

Already answered in the thread you have linked: “By default only the character formatting is copied ; to include paragraph formatting, hold down Ctrl when you click. To copy only the paragraph formatting, hold down Ctrl+Shift when you click.” Thank you.

fdo#62715, fdo#63387 have been marked as a duplicate of fdo#59029 (“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”).

fdo#63317, fdo#62708, fdo#57514 have Status: NEEDINFO.

@manj_k, thanks for the update. I have added some test files and comments to the NEEDINFO bugs, which largely appear to be resolved through use of the CTRL key method. Answer updated for clarity.

@AntonioLO - reading your question and comments I get the impression that you want to use this particular paragraph style more often.

I would consider either

  • a special paragraph style


  • a template with a modified default paragraph style

to have the same style available as default or quickly

No, I just need easily copying paragraph style, even if the format is not used often. ‘Ctrl’ + Format paintbrush does it. Thank you.