Copying from a table control in a form (Base) to a spreadsheet (calc) does not work

Hi everyone,

This may be a stupid question but I am totally stuck. In base when I want to copy directly from a table, I go to tables, select the appropriate table, open it, select the square in the top - left to select all, copy, paste in calc, done.
It is super easy. With queries it is the same.

But when I have a FORM with a TABLE CONTROL (or table widget, or whatever you want to call them). It does not work that way. It is driving me nuts! Select all with top-left square still works in the table control, but when I ctrl-c ctrl-v. only one cel of the table is copied to calc. I want the entire table! Not just one cell!

Is this some issue with (my version now)? I do not understand why it would behave this way. There also seems to be no documentation about this whatsoever.
I used the forms to create some tables with a layout suitable for export to another program, but since I cannot copy-paste to calc and save as .csv I am totally stuck. Help is much appreciated.

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“X does not work” is not really a question. Try to formulate questions that can be answered in a different way than “X does not work? Oh.” :slight_smile:

I think the question is: How do I copy the contents of a table control into a spreadsheet / text file /whatever?
There seem to be no obvious way of doing it yet (LO 4.4)

I would edit the question but I don’t know how to do it.

Just figured it out. Drag the upper-left square and drop it into calc. It won’t copy exactly the table control but the underlying data sorce so you may have to rearrange the columns.

Hi - Copying from a table control in a form (Base) to a spreadsheet (calc) works (at least with 4.4 but I also think with earlier versions) but with drag & drop:

  • Select the data as usual (click square in the top - left)
  • Click the row header of the table control, keep the button, drag the table to the spreadsheet, release the mouse button

Goyo also responded meantime. I do not remove my answer for possible selection of lines (drag from the line headers)

Note: I use LO 4.2, which may be a little different in the way things are named than in your version of LO.

It appears your goal is to get data from a table in a database into a spreadsheet, for whatever reason. (If your reason is “for display purposes only”, try the Base reports functionality.)

The way to get data into a spreadsheet that the developers thought of, is different than using copy and paste: it is the data sources way. If you registered your database in LibreOffice, you can directly use and import data into a spreadsheet from the database.

In Calc, press F4 or click the Data sources button in the toolbar to open the data sources pane. Navigate to your database and table, view or query and drag the row(s) or column(s) you would like to use to the cells in the main pane. This will link the database table/view/query to that spot in your spreadsheet as a database range, so that it may be updated when the data in the database changes. Alternatively, you can use the database range to insert a copy of the current database state rather than a range that is updated when the database changes.

A more detailed description can be found in the LO Calc guide, in the section Using data sources in Calc spreadsheets.